Integrity Trade Services
Electrical, Heat Pumps & Mechanical Ventilation


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Integrity Trade Services is a trading name of Integrity Services Limited. The company was started in 2001 by Brent Marshall (Director) and began trading as Integrity Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. In 2003 the business was expanded to include complete electrical services which necessitated the change to the current trading name.

Why Integrity?

The name ‘Integrity’ was chosen with significant personal conviction. I believe there is a distinct lack of integrity in many businesses, particularly when money or reputation is at stake. I believe that honesty and being responsible for ones actions are of primary importance. As we aim for continued growth and success, I believe we can operate a profitable business without compromising our integrity.

We strive to develop a high level of trust with our clients, which, once established, ensures an efficient business relationship.

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With integrity,


Brent Marshall 

Managing Director


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